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MyDFI povides business grade high speed, high capacity Internet for businesses and communities.

MyDFI partners with national telecommunication carriers, local ISP's and IT Services busnesses to deliver these services.

The best solution for business grade connections

MyDFI Business grade Internet services provide symetrical high speed connections with a Service Level Agreement that guarrantees your Internet speeds are maintained at all times of the day or night.

Symetrical Speed

With a MyDFI Internet service your upload speed will be the same as your download speed.

No more waiting for emails to send, scheduling your website and software updates at 2am or waisting time waiting for you cloud based management software to respond.

Once you have experienced the performance symetrical speeds provide you will be amazed how your productivity will increase.

Service Level Agreements

MyDFI Internet services come with an SLA not available to ordinary ADSL and NBN Internet services.

You get what you pay for - not less or more depending on the time or day of the week.

No more frustrating slowdowns when the kids come home or whne we are all watching Netflix. the SLA guarrantees your service performance levels.

unlimited downloads

Speed is now your most important consideration. With no data limits you can push your Internet connection to its limits without worrying about excess data costs.

in the market

Why are we the best for you?

  • We provide cutting edge technology which delivers the best services currently available, with the ability to upgrade as technology changes.
  • Fast, business grade internet comes standard with symetrical download and upload.
  • Responsive to customers needs - Community Broadband Networks was created to satisfy identified needs and we are focused on delivering a superior product.

MyDFIs is working to grow the network of fibre services available and utilise wireless links to provide the best possible service in your area. Our partners provide network speeds of 50Mbps right up to 1Gigabit and more!

World People



speed and performance

Delivering services from 50Mbps up to 1Gbps all day every day


service levels guaranteed

Delivering constant data services without the congestion of shared networks like NBN

business ready

Featuring advanced business connectivity options for VPN VLAN and WAN solutions

Unlimited data

No data download or upload restrictions

So no extra costs

Guaranteed performance

Service speed that dont depend onwhat you neighbour is doing.

Fastest Speeds


Best Providers

award winners

no excess

data costs

unlimited data

get what

you pay for

sla guarantees



Available in these locations:

if your site is not listed just send us an email or call to find out how soon we can get you connected.


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If you are in one of our services aeas and want to apply for an Internet service for your business, download the service application here and email it to us for service qualification and approval.

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